my books

I wrote several books drawing on my experience in the retail and investment worlds. The What I Really Think books are philosophical truths I have gathered throughout my life, which you can read more of in My Truths. 

What I Really Think: The Business Chapters

What I Really Think: The Business Chapters, which was originally intended to be the legacy book left solely to my children to guide them through their business lives, will help any driven and aspiring person take their business career and legacy to higher ground. The book includes sage advice on a myriad of topics-from how to approach any investment, to what to leave the kids, to giving you the roadmap to achieve any financial and business goal.



What I Really Think: The Deep End Chapters started as a booklet intended to be the life legacy I gave my children as they neared adulthood to help make their journey through life more enjoyable, efficient and prosperous. Today is has become a book that will help any person get from where they are to where they want to be. 


The Rise and Stall of Kohl's Department Stores

The Rise and Stall of Kohl’s Department Stores is the ONLY book written about one of the major powerhouses in American retailing. The emergence of Kohl’s is a great testament that a new business concept (in this case, a ‘wedge’ between a discount retailer like Wal-Mart and a department store like Macy’s), if executed properly, can quickly capture market share and succeed, even during the very crowded retail field in the 1990's.  Things have gotten much tougher in the last decade.