After the Tempe Facebook Garage

Last night in Tempe I attended the Facebook Developer Garage, held at the Tempe Center for the Arts (first time visit - very nice place). Hearing Dave Morin from FB talk about their growth was almost surreal; it’s hard to explain the degree of ‘growth’ that is going on here; in particular, the little fact that 250,000 people every day create a profile paints the picture. There were other over-the-top impressive facts (80% of the 50-plus million have opened at least one application), but the other one that really stood out for me was that a surprising large percentage (over 40%) of new profiles are coming from English-speaking countries other than the U.S.; this is an amazing global Internet phenomenon.

We will soon be launching our first FB application for TopNetPix, leveraging some of the existing assets developed on the site.