An Amazing Tuesday in January

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post, I am out of the country, and the bandwidth at the hotel is not a wide pipe.  But here are some first shots of the inauguration which we attended, as well as some pics from the Neighborhood Ball, which was televised on ABC.  We barely made it to the swearing in, and I guess lucky to have had blue tickets instead of purple (thousands did not get in - somehow the security checkpoint was never staffed).  And to get back to Virginia to get into black tie for the ball that evening, we had to walk from the Capitol over the 14th Street Bridge to Reagan National Airport, and then pick up a cab.  It was really cold and the ultimate hurry up and wait scenario.  But what a day!

We made hi-def videos of both events which we posted on YouTube (thank you Brent!); I can’t mbed so here are the links:


Neighborhood Ball: