An Open Letter to Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.)

(September 15, 2009 Update:

Please disregard my earlier note to you. After your reaction to President Obama’s recent address to the joint session of Congress, I take back all the nice things I earlier wrote about you.)

Dear Senator Graham:

I should preface this by telling you a couple things about me. I was born and raised in Virginia, and went to UVA in the 1970’s. I am familiar with Southern politics, and have seen the change of late in states like Virginia and the Carolinas.

I am also a supporter of our President.

I am writing to tell you that what you said yesterday at the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Judge Sonya Sotomayor was a class act.

Your “Barack won, get over it” attitude is pitch perfect and in stark contrast to the hate speech of so many of your colleagues and leaders of the Republican Party. Alienate Hispanics and Independents – is your party crazy?

I encourage you to continue to take a leadership role in attempting to dampen the vitriol of the ‘wingnuts’ and lunatic fringe: the Birthers, the Glenn Becks, the guys who scream 'no’ just because it’s oppositional.

Again, what you did yesterday was impressive.


Jeff Rusinow