Bring on Sarah, Bring on Sarah!

Governor Mark Sanford’s acknowledged infidelity is sad, particularly when you read the statement that came out today from his wife.

But that aside, as sad as it is, the hypocrisy of so many high level Republicans unable to maintain a monogamous relationship after their holier-than-thou pronouncements of indignation during the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky episode is just mind boggling.

Hey Republicans, remember how all you guys were so aghast at Bill’s indiscretions? You guys just wouldn’t stop. Remember the old saying about throwing stones from glass houses?

Look, Democrats cheat. Republicans cheat. But Republicans are forever shamelessly trying to take ownership of the high road of the ‘sanctity of marriage’ and proudly seeking membership in groups like the Promise Keepers (Senator John Ensign).

Here’s a truth: the more self-righteous a person is on the topic of sexual mores, the greater the probability that they are screwing around, either in a Minneapolis restroom or with a gay call guy in Denver (Reverend Ted Haggerty).

Weeks ago I decided to hold back on so many postings on politics. 7/9 update: With Palin’s latest announcement, who knows if she is in or out of the 2012 presidential race.