A new entry to my Top 10 cities to Visit:  Charleston!  Photos from the trail: The Angel Tree, a Southern live oak over 1500 years old:

After ‘dipping’ most of the first day (bird lingo for 'not finding’) on the bird I travelled to South Carolina to see - Saltmarsh Sparrow - a phone call to a local birder Nate Diaz saved the day for me. Rushing to Huntington Park State Beach, and jogging over a mile up the beach to a marshy area just as the sun was setting, I was finally able to get the bird, just where Nate suggested.  The walk back, with the sunset and the ocean waves breaking, was pretty darn special:

The next day was my first 'off’ day on the trip, which ended with a fantastic dinner at one of the top restaurants in the Southeast, Fig.  I was lucky to be the last walk-on at the bar, arriving at 5:10!  Great conversation with my dinner mates.  This sort of 'meet up’ of fellow foodies can be fascinating, a combination of both locals and out-of-towners like me, with such diverse backgrounds, who are willing to arrive so early and have dinner!  My appetizer was spaghetti with stone crabs; entree: snapper.  I plan on coming back!