Code Breaking

When I was growing up in Virginia, and going to college in Charlottesville in the 1970′s, I developed an internal code breaker when hearing many Southerners talk about their Southern pride and love of tradition.  For me, much of their belief system had origins that clearly denied and ignored that the Civil War was a definitive event!  

When you break the code, here’s what it all boils down to in the context of current events:

When a white guy kills nine black people in a place of worship, it is NOT an attack on Christianity or faith, as Jindal, Graham, Santorum and FoxNews frame the issue.  It’s all about RACE.  It’s about a racist going into a church with pre-meditation, and murdering innocent people.  And the absence of acknowledging just that is very telling.  Remember, it’s part of the code, and the delusion.

Steve Doocy, you really take the prize for most clueless:

When a racist white guy plans ahead and then kills nine people in our country for the sole reason that they are black, it is much MORE than just a tragedy, an unspeakable evil, a terrible incident (Rick Perry).   It is an ACT OF TERRORISM, as FoxNews refuses to acknowledge.  Very telling for a network that loves to scare the shit out of us with all things related to their definition of terror.  Again, it’s part of the code.  It’s all tied together.   

The Confederate flag is ‘code’ for racism just as much as it is for anything else, including Southern pride.  So many people who ‘proudly’ display the Confederate flag on their car, in front of their home, are hiding behind it.  They know damn well what it means to their fellow tribesmen.   Governor Nicki Haley did the right thing this afternoon.  It’s an embarrassment to South Carolina.  And the South.