Just when you think you’ve got your home audio system slam-dunked with hip stuff - Sonos speakers synced with Spotify and your playlists as well as Pandora with your favorite radios stations - along comes something new that DRAMATICALLY increases your listening experience.  Welcome to Deezer.

Like Spotify, Deezer is from over the pond, and just entering the US market, in sort of stealth mode.  Launched in France in 2007, it has over 16 million users, almost all of them in Europe.  Like Spotify, it’s a subscription streaming-music service.

But here’s the BIG difference:

Spotify has to significantly compress the sound files due to storage and bandwidth limitations in the way their technology is set up.   Deezer’s new Elite technology, that just launched, is different:  As a result, Deezer is able to send the file digitally as the artist intended when they were in the recording studio.  Think of it as super hi-def; it’s also called digital lossless capture.  We are not talking about a minor improvement statistically speaking; we’re talking improving certain aspects of the fidelity on a metric of 5X or better.  

The sound is amazing.  Not that I was down on my current system, but seriously, it’s a noticeable, ‘wow’ kind of improvement. 

If you’ve got Sonos and want to check it out, go to the app on your phone and go to “Add Music Services” and slide down to Deezer, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial.


And, if you end of really liking the new service, there are links online you can use to help transfer your Spotify playlists over to Deezer.