I flew in today to attend the world launch party of a new premium rum called ‘Caliche’.  I took a few photos of my travels.  I started with a first-time visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum.  I’ve heard over and over that this is a must-see, but it far, far exceeded my expectations.  What a complex, what a piece of real estate, what a collection of art:

Coming toward the end of the day and I was treated to being alone in rooms with fantastic art:

See if you can find the celebrities in these party shots.  Here are some hints.  First: Boardwalk Empire.

The 70’s Show:

I have no idea:

Sports legend:

Hall of Famer Model, who with her husband co-hosted the event:

And as a fun ending to the evening, the 'Final 13’ American Idol contestants were checking into the hotel.