Lighting Rods for the Republicans

A quick return to posting something political.  I just read that an old documentary featuring Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War is resurfacing, and I got to thinking about how there are certain people/situations that Republicans have a visceral, complete hatred toward.  And I totally get it, to a large extent.  This list:

1.  Hanoi Jane Fonda - She has never come out and completely rebuked her past behavior as being way, way beyond ‘anti-war.’  Granted, there was a time that being against the war in Vietnam, and more recently, the war in Iraq, was un-American. The NeoCon/Dick Cheney/Karl Rove movement have historically been brilliant at positioning people who question war as being unpatriotic.  The past election has pretty much obliterated the Neocon movement for the time being.  But Jane Fonda represents something that staunch Republicans can hold onto, as their party diminishes in power and numbers in the years to come.  Her failure to truly apologize establishes her as a lightning rod.

2.  The Reverend Jeremiah Wright situation.  I’ve already posted on this.  There is no excuse for it, and you can’t, or shouldn’t, try to defend it.

3.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  It is really unfortunate that these guys are lightweights.  Harry Reid in particular. Republicans truly hate these guys;  they admire Barack for his intelligence and his overall style of managing both the campaign and so far the first few weeks in office.  But they can’t stand Reid and Pelosi. Hey, the Republicans have Eric Cantor and Boehner, who are also lightweights.  Cantor is the most idiotic of the bunch.  But that’s not the point.  Reid and Pelosi have got to get their act together in helping Barack turn around the absolute fiasco that he just inherited from the Bush administration.

4.  The Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Bill Clinton really tarnished his legacy by this, but the event is tightly held onto by Republicans to offset the fact that this president presided over some of the best economic times our nation has ever experienced.  But it certainly didn’t take long for a Republican president to screw things up so bad that Clinton’s stature and legacy has nowhere to go but up.  But to hear Republican guys sound so self-righteous about how upset they are about Clinton’s behavior is ridiculous.  And – trust me – hypocritical.