Look What Showed Up at Our Front Door Two Days Ago

When I was five years old, we lived in a community called Tauxmont, off of Fort Hunt Road, between Alexandria and Mt. Vernon.  One time I had a job collecting acorns in the front yard of our neighbor’s across the street.  I got five cents for every wooden crate I filled with acorns.  Great job, until I came face to face with a garter snake, while on my hands and knees:  tongue flicking, it was no more than a foot away from me.  Made a lasting impression!

So this past Friday there a bit of deja vu when Jen was on the ground trying to adjust a timer to a fountain near our front door.  When I went out to see how things were going, I saw the snake about six feet away and calmly (at least I thought it was calm!) told Jen to slowly get up and walk back toward where I was standing.  Fortunately, there was glass between us and the rattlesnake.  In any event, a guy from our community came right away and lifted the snake (which was in full coiled and rattling regalia) and placed it in a trash can, and relocated it.  Here are some pics (you can click on the pic to enlargen):