Migration Update

A couple of weeks ago, waves of mostly young American Robins flying just over the treetops as the sun was setting.  Then next week, larger squadrons of Cedar Waxwings; we’re talking serious movement by one species of bird!  But waxwings are fascinating, they don’t always go north-south; they often go east-west - they are looking for the best places for food.  Then last week, the flyovers of Common Nighthawks peaked, high in the air.  The woodpeckers are definitely passing through (maybe I’ll see what is becoming a yard bird nemesis - Red-Headed), as well as some dragonflies.  And a slight uptick in the number of hummers coming to the feeder (side note: two days ago, over the course of 24 hours, the apparent increased presence of hummingbird moths in the area was brought to my attention by two different people, only hours after we had earlier seen one feeding on the flowers on the deck).  But no major passerine migration yet.  Photos below are from Google Images: