Northern Goshawk - ABA Area #568

On December 29 driving down by the Boulders resort in Carefree, AZ,  Jen spotted and I identified a soaring, immature Northern Goshawk, which was a new bird on my life list,  American Birding Association (ABA) Area species #568,  just as the year was coming to a close.  Goal for 2008: reaching 600, or put another way, going out and identifying at least 32 new species to my list either in the U.S. (not including Hawaii) or Canada.  Easy, you say?  Well, according to recent records, only 714 ABA members in the United States currently have attained that goal.  Only 309 have at least 700.  And only 30 have at least 800.  The most?  874.  But getting to 600 by the end of 2008 will be just fine.