On the Rio Grande with another New Rule

In Texas today.  Added another lifer east of Harlingen, a pair of Aplomado Falcons.  This bird just got added as a ‘countable’ species by the ABA.  I had dipped last time I looked for it, so it was great to get this in the list (photo below from Google Images).

Later, southwest of McAllen, Captain Johnny took us on a boat ride on the Rio Grande in search of a Hook-billed Kite.  Not an easy bird to find, and we dipped today.  But the ride was beautiful and there were lots of raptors all around, just not the kite.  The search continues tomorrow!

While on the river, and getting great views of both the Mexican and U.S. ‘borders’, you get a real reality check.  And with that check, another New Rule:  You are not allowed to have a hardline, unequivocal position about ‘securing the borders’ and ‘building the dang fence’ until you have physically been to the Rio Grande and have seen it in person.

How in the heck can you possibly build a fence along the marshes, and inlets and natural habitats that create this border?  It’s impossible. 

Not saying we can’t make dramatic improvements regarding the immigration issue, but building a fence?  Rhetoric and bluster aside, it’s never gonna happen, no matter who is in office.