So many choices, but whatever you do, choose 'Transparent'


In the old days, there were only a handful of ‘must-see’ TV shows and you could easily manage your viewing schedule.  For many of us, there were a few weekly shows like '60 Minutes’ that were watched with genuine anticipation - who was Mike Wallace going to get next!  

And then there was the occasional series that captured extraordinary national attention, viewed by a huge percentage of the television viewing audience that came to the office the next day ready to share and reflect on what they had seen the night before.  It dominated the discussion.  The miniseries 'Roots’ was an example of such a show.

Today is so different.  So many choices.  So many GOOD choices.  You know my riff - Oh, to be a consumer!  Watching great content during this truly golden age of television with my honey on a big screen TV in high definition has become a highlight of my day, or my week, shall I say my current life?  Of late I’m big on having fun, and I gotta say, watching these shows are really enjoyable.  The content, the acting, the direction, the dialogue, the story lines, it’s all so impressive.

Top on the list:  True Detective, Breaking Bad, Top of the Lake, House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire; Modern Family, Alpha House, Mad Men.

Started off strong until they Jumped the Shark:  Homeland

And now:  Transparent, on Amazon Prime.  We just finished the 10 episodes of Season 1.  It is a ground-breaking show.  Highly recommended.