Table Of Contents - The Rise & Stall of Kohl's Department Stores

Note: Today I have accomplished what I had been hoping to finish for the past 6 years - ‘publish’ my book about Kohl’s Department Stores! The book has been 'posted’ these past couple of weeks as I have edited and updated, chapter by chapter. The table of contents will be a part of this post.
It is my hope in the next couple of weeks that I will put the book back into one document, then have available here on this site for easy downloading. And if, upon reading, you come across something that needs correcting or improvement, please let me know.


AcknowledgmentsChapter One - Cheeseballs in the Aisle – The Early YearsChapter Two - Building the TeamChapter Three - Defining the Business Model: The Wedge –“Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?”(Getting the Brands)–Hi-Lo–Low Cost Culture–Narrow, Deep & In-Stock Assortments–Private Label–The RaceTrack–The Convenience Factor–“Associates are the Key to Our Success”–The End Result – The All-Important Profit Spread Chapter Four - Tweaking the AssortmentsChapter Five - Staying Off, Then Getting On the Radar ScreenChapter Six - Entering the Dreaded (Gasp!) Tri-State MarketChapter Seven – La-La Land: Finally Going NationalChapter Eight - e-Commerce: Do We Have To?Chapter Nine - The Smaller BoxChapter Ten - Wall Street’s Love Affair with KSSChapter Eleven – It’ Made a Lot of People Rich Chapter Twelve – Watch Out If You Miss Chapter Thirteen - What Lies Ahead –Heading for a Mid-Life Crisis?–Dealing With Change–Hi-Ho, Hi-Lo, It’s Off to Court We Go–Once the Needle is In, It’s Tough to Take Out–The Competition Hasn’t Packed it In Quite Yet Chapter Fourteen – The Last Few Years