The Book of Mormon and Two 29's

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a Zagats 29 food rated restaurant, if at all, but I was lucky to enjoy incredible food with great company at the following two places these past few days:  Sasabune, a sushi place that looks like a dive on the Upper East Side in NYC,  where there’s no menu and you basically eat whatever fantastically fresh fish the guys put in front of you; and The Inn at Little Washington in the Virginia countryside outside of Washington, D.C., a spectacular place that I’ve wanted to visit for years.

And then, there was Broadway, and The Book of Mormon.  I just cannot say enough about how smartly written and composed, constantly laugh out loud funny, and shake your head irreverent and satirical this play was.  It was by far the most enjoyable Broadway play that I’ve seen in my life.