To My McCain-Bashing Republican Friends

With all the John McCain-bashing going on of late, as well as the most conservative of Republicans deifying the legacy of Ronald Reagan, I kindly suggest that you guys need a reality check: 1.  As President, Ronald Reagan signed a law that granted illegals amnesty.  If you don’t believe me, look it up. 2.  On the topic of Islamic militancy, President Reagan quickly withdrew troops out of Lebanon following the bombing and mass killing of U.S. Marines in their barracks.  He later sold weapons to the regime in Iran. 3. And most telling, President Reagan’s record on taxes and spending is in direct conflict with his reputation as a fiscal conservative.  Look it up before you speak again.  Federal spending doubled during his presidency (almost as bad as George W. Bush), and he raised the annual federal deficit from $73 billion to $153 billion (terrible, but not nearly as upsetting as George W. Bush’s disastrous stewardship over the  financial running of our country). So to my anti-McCain Republican friends who long for the Reagan years:  President Reagan accomplished many impressive things while in office, but the idea that there was this unwavering, uncompromising set of principles that defined his presidency is ridiculous.