Turkey Vultures breeding at the Lake!

As the breeding season comes to a close this steamy summer, we were very fortunate to observe two cool highlights.  First, while I didn’t find the nest, I’m near positive that a pair of Canada Warblers had a nest by the stream in the dense brush; over the course of about 7 weeks, starting in mid-June, was able to regularly find either the male or female.  And how about this:

Not a great photo, taken from my iPhone, but the dark space in the back is the entrance to a Turkey Vulture nest!  In a pile of logs, on the shore.  Maybe you can see all the whitewash.  There was one young bird that hung around the nest for a couple weeks, then it moved on.  There was no record of a TV nest in the Wisconsin Breeder’s Survey done many years ago, so this is a pretty cool and unusual event.