What's Wrong With This Gay Man?

I was skimming through Politico tonight and came across a video interview of the head of the Republican gay group Log Cabin:


I mean, if you were coming from another planet and listened to this, you’d shake your head and say:  how could this guy stand in front of a camera and talk about how positive Barack is on issues most near and dear to him and still be a Republican in light of the strong, unrelenting anti-gay sentiment within the Party?

Did members of the Log Cabin really vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin?  OK, I get the point that these guys are all moneyed guys and they are always dressed in business attire to make the point.  But gay issues, understandably, dominate their agenda.  It makes no sense at all; beyond that, it’s sort of pathetic. How conflicted must these guys be?

Why wouldn’t all of them switch to becoming Democrats and then work hard to instilling more fiscal discipline within the Democratic Party?  Guys, get your priorities straight.  Doesn’t that make a whole lot more sense?