Who Should Manage the Salt?

If you buy into the idea that too much salt is not good for you and that it contributes to higher blood pressure, then read on.        I was blown away last week when we bought a new product at the supermarket - Heinz No Salt Tomato Ketchup - and it tasted FANTASTIC.  My immediate reaction - why in the hell did there have to be so much damn sodium in ketchup all these years if you could make a ‘no salt’ version and have it taste so darn good?  I mean, can you argue that Heinz had some social responsibility to take action a long time ago?  You could easily play out how all those hundreds of tons of sodium consumed by consumers over the past twenty years (since sodium intake was recognized as being something a health-conscious person needed to manage) has contributed to the earlier deaths of people, in that all that 'unnecessary’ salt contributed to more heart attacks and strokes.        Clearly, consumers of products have their own responsibility to manage what they eat.  And then, yesterday, in reading an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about how the Johnsonville Sausage Company is expanding into international markets, I read this:  "Probably the biggest lesson for Johnsonville was that salt levels in food are much lower in both Asia and Europe…….(says a spokesman):  "We had to take a lot of sodium out.“        It was one of those shake-your-head moments.   What are you going to do?