Wrapping up trip in the Pacific Northwest, starting a week ago in Seattle, where the sushi never disappoints, including this salmon sampler from fish on both coasts. Last Friday headed up to mountains in Snohomish County in search of Black Swifts, and got great looks a few miles past driving by the site of devastating mudslide in March (photo). Saturday dipped on Skylark in Victoria in British Columbia. I will be back! Photo is on ferry from leaving Victoria to Port Angeles, WA. Next photo illustrates one of the downsides visiting these parts on a weekend during summer holiday season: lots and lots of people! Photo is of the spit yesterday at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, in pursuit of Tufted Puffin. FINALLY saw one flying to cliff on at Cape Flattery. This area, and the road to/from, is a genuine lifetime travel highlight (photos on coast). Today in SF, photo of Jen enjoying her first trip to Berkeley.