I Now Have Paragraphs(!), and other Tech Musings

Why is it that when I started this blog last year the paragraphs I typed were published as text with paragraphs, only to have my posts a few months ago start to mashup into one mega-paragraph?

Well, this morning my web helper Dawn (how would guys like me keep our sanity doing stuff on the Internet without a helper like Dawn?), downloaded the latest version of Wordpress.  I am writing this post in paragraphs in the hopes that when I select ‘publish’ and check it out it will retain the integrity of my text.  OK, let’s see.  Back to typing in a minute…..

Consider my tech quandries of the last 24 hours:

1.  Watching  the DVD of Season 1 of Mad Men - works fine with the setup in the living room, but when I want to play it on our Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player in the bedroom……NOOOOO, it just won’t work.  The player will play any other DVD we put in there, but not Season 1 of Mad Men.

2.  After scanning a newspaper article on our HP Officejet All-In-One Printer and wanting to send via email on my PowerBook G4, I noticed that the image of the jpeg needed to be rotated so you can read it easily. Would you like to save your changes, I am asked?  Yes, of course, I respond.  I then drag the jpeg into my email (Apple’s Mail) and voila, the image loads upside down.  I can retry a thousand times, and at least for the first 5 tries, the change is not saved.

3. I’m eagerly awaiting an email from a guy who has called me out of the blue from the West Coast who is very involved in a group that is gathering information on people who were instrumental in the educational film production industry (my dad was in this field in the 60’s and 70’s).  I call him and leave him a message to tell him that I haven’t yet received the email.  He calls back and leaves a message that he did send it, confirming the correct address, but that he will send again.  A couple days later, I still haven’t received an email.  And it’s not in my spam folder.