Oh Yeah for O Ya

When we launched TopNetPix.com, I intended to add to the site great restaurants and hotels that I enjoyed during my travels.  But with TNP now basically on auto-pilot, this blog is my opportunity to call-out great culinary experiences as they happen.  Last night in Boston,  after being tipped off recently by a foodie article that gushed rarely used superlatives, we checked out O Ya, located in the Leather District.  Oh Man, it was simply the best.  It was one of the most expensive dinners I’ve had (the dishes kept adding up), but it was absolutely amazing how incredibly consistently great each dish was.  In an earlier post When Sushi Was Sushi, I’ve complained how some sushi chefs, in an effort to get ‘creative’, really go over the top and forget about the 'roots’ of sushi being clean and simple.  But O Ya was just terrific in how each dish was so well put together.  I mean, there were people there taking pictures of their dishes, they were so well presented.  Trust me, if you’re into this kind of food, this is one of the best in the country.  oyarestaurantboston.com