Sorry, a couple other things!

I promise this won’t become what’s happening to a dear friend on his Facebook page: a series of post election rants and screeds…..oh wait, his guy LOST!  My friend is reeling from the smack down, truly sad to see.  He is a highly respected professional fee guy, and he makes in ONE HOUR more than what someone on minimum wage makes IN A WEEK.  His own little pity party about takers and makers.  His anger, his upset, his angst, his unravelling….like I said, really sad, unbecoming stuff.

One other thing: tied to the Fox News Fear Machine, non-Jewish Fox viewers must be shocked to learn that over 70% of Jewish voters nationwide supported President Obama on Election Day!  And 64% of Jews had an unfavorable view of Romney!

Amazing how all the non-Jews on Fox News for months leading up to the Election were so incredibly critical and attacking of President Obama on his positions near and dear to Israel.  They just pilloried him.  Jews hardly considered Obama weak on Israel.

The more you get into the election returns, the more you see that this was an unmitigated disaster for Team Red.  Nothing worked, except fire up the angry aging white guy in lake country and at country clubs.  Karl Rove completely struck out (as Richard Viguerie said and any other serious business guy out there must logically think, Rove “would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again”).  In any kind of business, those kind of terrible results are fireable. The ROI was a complete debacle.     

Or how about Megyn Kelly asking Rove on Election Night if he was using “math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?”  Oh my God, could it have gotten any more pathetic?  That 40 minutes on Fox while they allowed Karl Rove to control their calling of President Obama’s re-election, and Kelly’s excruciating walk down the halls to their stats team that told them Obama had a 99.5% chance of winning  when they had earlier called Ohio will go down in television and political history as one of the all time FAILS, ever.  EVER.

And the circular firing squad has begun.  Anyone see Steve Schmidt on ‘Meet The Press’ today? This guy is sharp.  He gets it. 

OK, I’m done.  Or at least I think I am!